"Covidcation" update

we were so happy to host fox 13 in studio this week

makeme friends and families,

We are temporarily closed for classes and events until covid restrictions are lifted for non-essential businesses.  We are, however, open for art in your home!  In case you haven't heard, we've been putting together some amazing craft kits to help beat boredom and bring the magic of makeme TO YOU! If you haven't done so already please check out our new retail site!


The impact of this crisis on small businesses such as ours - especially those whose livelihood relies on the gathering of people for classes and events  - is already huge.  We urge you to consider supporting independent business owners and artists directly during this time in any way you can.  Here's an awesome directory compiled by Keep St. Pete Local of businesses like ours that can be supported online.

We've include a list of frequently asked questions regarding deliveries, donations, and classes below to bring you up to speed! A special thanks from the bottom of our glitter-filled hearts for your patience and continued support during this crazy time.  Please #staycalmandcrafton

xoxo, makeme



We are trying to do our part and  avoid asking customers to leave their house for pick ups at this time unless absolutely necessary. Instead, we’re offering free delivery to folks within about a 6 mile radius of the studio. You can check out our delivery map here

We are operating with a skeleton crew and only delivering a few days a week at present.  We hope to expand kit offerings and shipping options in the very near future for those outside of our delivery area.  If you need something for an easter basket and are out of our range we may offer some limited pick up windows friday and saturday afternoon this week. Please contact us here.



you may be receiving automated class reminders for upcoming registrations in April.  Please disregard (we are working on figuring out how to get those turned off).  We will be issuing credit for these classes and rescheduling as soon it is safe to do so. 

All classes, parties, and summer camps (may and beyond) are STILL A GO at this time. We will not be cancelling or refunding those offerings until we can make a more informed choice and have a better idea of how governmental restrictions will continue.  We are praying everyone is keeping safe and that we can return to “normal” long before then :)



first off, thanks for asking!  we are working our little hineys off to support our employees, be a great resource to our community, and sell kits to help pay our bills during this uncertain time.  We appreciate and welcome your support in the following ways:

* * * MONETARILY * * *

buy art kits

buy gift cards towards future classes

make a donation to help

* * * NON-MONETARILY * * *

write a reviewon our facebook page

email usa testimonial we can use for marketing

share pictures of you and your kiddos creatingin studio (or at home with our kits)

share our online store in facebook groups

give us a great google rating or review

say nice things about us to your friends on social media

patience with filling orders, deliveries, and unforeseen delays



please feel free to drop us a line and we’ll be happy to get back to you as soon as we can.  We will be doing our best to return emails, phone calls, and social media inquiries in a timely manner, but please be patient as we work through the unexpected consequences this nasty bug has forced small businesses to scramble to resolve.

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