My, Corona!

makeme friends and families,

We are closely following local COVID-19 reports and recommendations and have decided to close the studio to the public this week per CDC recommendations. We will be doing our best to return emails, phone calls, and social media inquiries in a timely manner, but please be patient as we work through the unexpected consequences this nasty bug has forced small businesses to scramble to resolve.

In addition to our normal cleaning schedule we are doing additional scrubbing and sanitizing our space and supplies and hope to resume classes in small groups (10 or less) beginning the week of March 23rd.

If you prefer to self quarantine and are wary of small class sizes, we will of course happily grant studio credit to anyone who’s signed up for any remaining March classes and has decided to stay home. If you have booked a class or event beyond March we will also be happy to reschedule or offer you studio credit - just email and we’ll get you taken care of!

We know many of you will have restless kiddos at home that you will need help entertaining so we’re in the process of putting together some “art to go” kits for pick up to help keep spirits up and boredom at bay. We hope to have these available for pick up beginning March 18th. Please stay tuned.

We will continue to follow the situation as it develops and are investigating the logistics of providing additional “corona camp” programming as governmental suggestions, safety, staff, and supplies will allow.

The impacts on small businesses such as ours - especially those whose livelihood relies on the gathering of people for classes and events - will likely be huge. We urge you to consider supporting independent business owners and artists during this time in any way you can (purchasing gift cards is a great way to start!).

Lastly, we encourage all of our customers (big and small) to unplug, take a deep breath, and to make something. Craft is cathartic and calming 💗

much love,

the makeme team



  • LOOKING FOR GIFT CARDS? If you are inquiring about a gift card you can purchase them (and find out more details) from convenience of your own home by clicking here -

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  • YES! WE’RE STILL ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS FOR EMPLOYMENT! We’re not sure when interviews will start, but we want to hear from you! Please apply here -

  • MORE QUESTIONS? No problem! Consult our general FAQs here - OR leave use an email and we’ll get back to you just as soon as we can!

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